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About Zaneta

Zaneta Leszczysnka has been a professional hair stylist for 15 years. She began her career at NoelSy and worked under the direction of Betty Sy for a number of years, learning expert-level color techniques. She then studied and worked under the direction of Artur Kirsh, where she mastered a highly skilled and desirable dry cutting technique. After mastering color and dry cutting, she continued her education in bridal hair styling as well as hand-tied extensions. Hand-tied extensions not only are placed to match but colored for a undetectable result. Zaneta is passionate about her work and believes every client should leave her chair feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: For frizz-free, naturally curly hair - apply a cream product to 95% wet hair and let naturally dry. Cream products deliver moisture and absorb better allowing for that soft natural curl.

Secret hobby: DIY Projects and cooking or baking with my daughter and little chef Ava.

Favorite food: Breakfast (2 eggs over easy and toast). I can eat that all day long.

Desert island record or music choice? Anything with a good beat that can get me moving.

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