Stylist, Colorist

About Alicia

Alicia has been in the industry for over 12 years and "could style hair all day long". Over the years, she has perfected both cutting and highlighting, but what she loves most is meeting new people. Each of Alicia's clients are given a one-on-one experience leaving them feeling effortlessly beautiful. Alicia's speciality is taking the time to give every client a thorough consultation. Making everyone who sits in her chair feel heard with their hair wants, needs, and goals, assures a tailored service. Alicia finds joy in giving client's confidence and making them feel beautiful and her genuine and gentle energy creates a wonderful salon experience.

Alicia is also part of our Bride Tribe as one of our wedding stylists.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Don’t wash your hair every day - unless you have to! Your hair’s natural oils are great for your hair and scalp. Over washing can actually cause you to have an oilier scalp. Use dry shampoo!

Secret hobby: Party-planning. I love making intricate cupcakes and cakes to go with the themes too!

Favorite food: Any and all Spanish food.

Desert island record or music choice? Oldies, 60’s and 70’s. I definitely prefer older music to some the newer stuff.

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