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Starting her hair career in 2018, Courtney has trained under some of the most skilled stylists and colorists in the industry. Courtney is a very sought after fresh colorist, and if you need a color correction - look no further. Courtney has the innate ability to work through and problem-solve any hair mishaps that come her way. She is a strong believer in making every client happy and she takes great care to listen and values the consultation process. She strives to bring confidence to every client that sits in her chair. From bold blondes, reds, and brunettes, to creating dimensional colors that grow out seamlessly, Courtney is also passionate in creating long layered haircuts. She is a versatile stylist and her true talents are in her individually customized tones and deliberate placement of contrast. This approach enables her clients to feel comfortable about meeting their individual expectations. “The best part of my job is making someone feel more beautiful than they ever have” Courtney also prides her self on creating home-care regimens for continuously healthy hair Courtney focuses on keeping herself up to date on trends and also knowing what her clients expect when they sit in her chair. When not behind the chair you can find Courtney at the beach or cuddling with her 6(!) cats. Other hobbies include cooking, working out, and watching trashy tv.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: If you go more than two or three days without shampooing, make sure you double shampoo when you do! Focus on scrubbing your scalp, not so much your ends. Then comb through your conditioner to fully saturate.

Secret hobby: Trying new hair and skin products on my boyfriend, he's my guinea pig.

Favorite food: Sushi.

Desert island record or music choice? Any pop punk that makes your head bang a little!

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