Stylist, Colorist

About Nicole

Nicole is a balayage expert, known for creating natural and beautifully blended highlights you look forward to after a summer spent in the sun. Using an artful, freehand painting technique she's perfected over years, she has mastered the look of beachy blondes and subtle, sun kissed brunettes. Yet, her rare talent for rich brunette tones shows a versatility that has made her a favorite in the tri-State area. In her spare time, Nicole finds inspiration checking out museums, taking photos, exploring new paleo recipes, and finding any outside hair education that she can get her hands on.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: When going for that “lived in” beachy hair - always alternate sections (one curling away from the face, the next curling toward the face) leave the ends out, and style with some texturing spray! dont be afraid to mess it up!

Secret hobby: I love to sit at cafes and research inspiring/famous artists and write about them. Or just sip on a coffee and people watch.

Favorite food: Cheeseburger (with EVERYTHING on it) and french fries. Although I choose not to eat it, I do secretly like cheap food.

Desert island record or music choice? Any kind of indie/alternative folk.

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