Stylist, Colorist

About Taylor

"I've been passionate about hair for as long as I can remember." A proud mom of two and inspired stylist, Taylor is known for always being 100% honest and realistic when it comes to the means in achieving her clients' hair goals. Taylor is a mastermind in multi-dimensional coloring, highlights in all forms, and low-maintenance balayage. She loves all forms of hair artistry and with every one of her looks she aims to both enhance and maximize her client's beautiful features for an effortless look. "Making people feel their best is indescribable!."

Taylor is also part of our Bride Tribe as one of our wedding stylists.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Less is more — never try to make your hair look perfect. I much prefer an “undone" effortless look. Also, find a product that is multi-use versus a bunch of different ones on top of each other.

Secret hobby: Running.

Favorite food: Ice cream - Cherry Garcia

Desert island record or music choice? Van Morrison.

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Some of Taylor's looks: