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Haydn is a versatile hair stylist, specializing in dry cutting and modern lived-in styling. He has been in the industry for over 10 years and has had extensive training with the Kevin Murphy cutting philosophy. Drawing inspiration from natural movement and texture, Haydn looks at hair for each individual as a lifestyle. Every cut will be different and truly unique to the life of the client themselves. Haydn always makes sure that cleint's hair will compliment not only their personal style but also their lifestyle. Often asked why he only cuts hair dry, his answer is simple - "you don’t wear your hair wet, so why cut it wet? I want to make sure that I can see exactly how hair lays naturally so client's can have the most low-maintenance hair possible." One of Haydn's main goals is to have client's be able to easily style their own hair after a cut - giving someone the freedom to just wash, condistion, and head out for the day.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Hair is a sponge, before applying conditioner, take the time to squeeze any excess water from your hair. Conditioner can't make its way in if it's soaking wet!

Secret hobby: Anything in the kitchen, whether cooking or whipping up a new cocktail. I enjoy the creativity and the process of it all.

Favorite food: Tough to beat a well made smashburger and fries!

Desert island record or music choice? Any Radiohead album.

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