Stylist, Colorist

About Heather

With over 7 years in the industry, and a true lover of everything summer, beach, and lived-in. She is inspired by the outdoors, music, art, and fashion. When it comes to hair - Heather loves to transform everyone in her chair from blondes, brondes, or brunettes. She manages to achieve a low maintenance result through her personlized tones, formulas, and calculated placement. She began training under lead hair artists and has continued to hone her skillset staying eductated, inspired, and passionate. Heather uses both subjects of beauty and fashion to influence her craft, considering each client’s individuality and lifestyle to help create modern, lived-in, yet manageable looks.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Blow drying your hair upside down helps create volume. Also, a little dry shampoo in your roots before bed helps your hair stay fresh longer!

Secret hobby: Anything in the sun or on the beach - always up for an adventure!

Favorite food: Breakfast, anytime of the day.

Desert island record or music choice? Any Elvis Presley album.

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Some of Heather's looks: