De Stefano

Licensed Esthetician
Skin Therapist
Gua Sha Certified
Makeup Artist

About Emily

Emily has spent over 18 years in the beauty and aesthetics industry where she has cultivated a broad knowledge base and skill set through a dedicated presence with her clients. She maintains a variety of intellectual and educational pursuits in various holistic approaches to maintaining a youthful skin, and truly believes in aging gracefully.

She believes that beauty is a journey - an ongoing quest for the most radiant self. Her tools and techniques are designed to be easily integrated into daily life in the form of self-care rituals that nurture optimal skin health between studio visits.

Therapeutic in her practice, Emily takes an enlightened approach to modern skin care that is steeped in the traditions of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Her comprehensive training in a wide range of effective and culturally authentic spa therapies include Gua Sha and Thai Herbal Poultice Facial Massage. Emily completed her master certification in Gua Sha facial fusion from CBJ in 2019.

In 2018 Emily created Husk with the aspiration of curating unique, beautiful, and thoughtful experiences. She has cultivated a team that share the same values and training to offer all clients an amazing experience and the knowledge they need to fully understand their skin.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Wash your face and acid is your best friend.

Secret hobby: I like to dance (that may not be a secret)!

Favorite food: A toss-up between my hubby's homemade pizza or homemade ravioli.

Desert island record or music choice? Majid Jordan or Tom Misch.

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Skin: @emmer77

Makeup: @emmerartistry