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Licensed Esthetician
Makeup Artist

About Emily

Emily, a licensed esthetician and skin therapist, is the founder of Tribe Style Bar and Husk alongside her husband Andrew. Begining in 2003, she started her journey in makeup and skincare as a brand ambassador for Origins. She's worked as a makeup artist for celebrity clientele, editorial shoots, film, as well as weddings and events. “Wear your skin, makeup should just be an accessory”.

Emily feels that anyone can have beautiful skin — it just requires the time and effort just like anything else in life. Her advice is that your skincare regimine should be a relaxing experience everyday, not a chore. "Once you change your approach and outlook you will look forward to taking care of your skin, and fall in love with your natural self. What you do at home is 95% of your overall skin results."

A true “naturopathic facialist” — Emily specializes in holistic and curated skin treatments for long lasting results. Her use of gua sha stone massage and advanced ingredient knowledge create a youthful glow to the skin. Prevention and maintenance is crucial and she believes in clean non-toxic skincare and treating your skin with nutrition for long-term health, beauty, and radiance. "Listen to your skin, it tells you what it wants and needs."

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Wash your face and acid is your best friend.

Secret hobby: I like to dance (that may not be a secret)!

Favorite food: A toss-up between my hubby's homemade pizza or homemade ravioli.

Desert island record or music choice? Majid Jordan or Tom Misch.

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Skin: @emmer77

Makeup: @emmerartistry