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Why Skin Therapy?

Skin therapy is about guiding individuals to understand their skin on a deeper, more comprehensive level.

Skin therapists spend the time with clients to thoroughly understand specific skin concerns and goals to help gain insight into clients’ skin types, behaviors, and needs and deficiencies. Diet, hormones, or even a stressful week at work—among so many other factors—can all have a negative effect on your skin. A skin therapy session is there to look at your skin on a deeper level and rethink your daily skincare regimen.

Skin therapy takes a holistic approach to skincare—often incorporating healing principles that help clients understand their skin conditions and then develop a personalized plan. Examples are lymphatic drainage techniques to decrease puffiness and promote relaxation, unique methods to help resurface the skin.

What makes Husk’s skin therapy sessions unique is our approach and carefully curated collection of non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free, clean beauty products (that perform and are personally tested and approved by Emily and her team).

Our Approach and Techniques.

Depending on your skin, we have a number of techniques and offerings that we will use. Before a facial, it's important to avoid retin-a or retinol products 5 days prior to treatment, Injections 10-14 days prior to treatment, and peels or lasers 14 days prior to treatment.

Unlike botox treatments and fillers, Qua Sha activates circulation and boosts the healthy function of your organ systems, cells, and tissues.

Qua Sha

Gua Sha is a traditional chinese medicine technique known for its holistic anti-aging benefits that bring forward skin's natural radiance. Using a jade gua sha tool, the skin is lifted and smoothed. Areas of focus are the neck, jaw, nasal lines, under-eye, brow, and forehead.

This treatment results in a reduction of dullness, wrinkles, sagging, and puffiness. Clients can notice an overall brighter skin complexion, better defined jawline, and lifting of the eye and brow.

If we were to incorporate gua sha in a session, any areas treated with Botox or fillers in the last 3 months cannot be treated.

Ideal for all skin types (even sensitive skin), ultrasonic treatments stimulate blood flow, exfoliate dead skin cells, and help clear clogged pores.

Ultrasonic Resurfacing

Ultrasonic resurfacing uses pain-free ultrasound technology to firm up the skin, encourage skin cells to cycle faster, and increase the collagen production resulting in clearer, younger-looking skin.

Additional rejuvenating benefits are a tightened facial area, diminished wrinkles and fine lines, and overall reduction of under eye circles. Another reason we incorporate this technique into our skin therapy sessions is that there is no recovery time in that it's such a gentle procedure.

Facial massage techniques are a natural alternative to invasive and other surgical lifting methods.

Facial Massages and Sculpting

Masaging the face has both a beneficial effect on the skin's surface and deep into the muscles. Sculpting is a special massage technique, with results much like a surgical facelift. These techniques allow the skin to tighten, smooth wrinkles, and strengthen the facial muscles.

Frequent sculpting and massage has the ability to restore the facial muscles and tissues, activate blood flow and circulation, and bring elasticity. Without harmful chemicals, massaging and sculpting is a natural anti-ageing treatment providing a pronounced facial contour with toned face and neck muscles.

Skin Sessions.

A glimpse of a Husk skin therapy session.


Husk Essential Skin Therapy Session: 60 mins. $185

It's required that you book as your first skin visit.
We offer an in-depth and very interactive skin analysis and therapy session that takes a holistic approach to wellness and self-care. This is a time for you to approach your skin from the inside out and create a skincare regimen that targets your skin concerns; working towards future skin goals and aging gracefully. We suggest you BYOSK (bring your own skincare) so we can go over what products and treatments may or may not be working for your skin. Then, a hands-on facial with our naturally-derived, high-performing skincare lines and recommended products for at-home use. Equipped with new knowledge about your skin and products, your self-care regimen will be elevated to new heights.


Consecuative treatments are great for clearing toxins and maintaining smooth, glowing skin. A series of treatments offers repatterning for connective tissues and muscle, catalyzing dramatic and long-lasting skin changes.

Gua Sha Skin Therapy Sessions

Focus on tissue-transforming facial massage and crystal-aided facial Gua Sha, mindfully tailored to your skin. We recommend this service to accelerate results between monthly attunements, for those who want to rejuvenate and illuminate skin before a special event, and for those who simply need a moment away from busy lives to be nourished, relax, and restore a natural glow.

  • Toned, sculpted facial muscles
  • Reduction and prevention of facial lines and wrinkles
  • Immediate glow and reduction in lines
  • Relief from TMJ, facial tension, eye twitching
  • Brighter, clearer skin
  • Reduction in redness (rosacea) and hyperpigmentation
  • Increased absorption of topical beauty products
  • Lifted eyelids and brighter eyes

1 Treatment, 60 mins.: $200

3 Treatments, 30 mins.: $250

6 Treatments, 30 mins.: $500

3 Treatments, 60 mins.: $495

6 Treatments, 60 mins.: $985

3 Treatments, 90 mins.: $650

Intro Skin Therapy Collections

3 Treatments 30, 60, and 90 mins.: $450

  • Complimentary sauna treatment
  • Complimentary swag bag of recommended products

*Expires after 3 months.

Infrared Sauna Sessions

3-in-1 infared therapy that purifies, energizes, and slenderizes the body.

1 Treatment: $45

5 Treatments $200

8 Treatments $300

12 Treatments $450

*Expires after 3 months.

Monthly Unlimited Sauna Treatments: $250

Essential Debut Collection


  • 5 infared sauna sessions
  • Complimentary Essential Skin Therapy Session
    (new clients only, $185 value)
  • Complimentary swag bag

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