Infared Sauna.

Due to the dry heat, infrared saunas are a lot easier to breathe, relax, and restore. The heat in the sauna builds slowly and make a much more comfortable experience than a traditional one.

Why Infared?

Traditional saunas heat the sauna’s air around your body where an infrared sauna uses dry heat through infrared heating panels that emit light and penetrate deep within your body at a cellular level. This helps the body to detoxify which gives a deeper cleansing experience. Using radiated heat—infrared saunas penetrate muscles, tissues, and cells.

Detox: When we sweat, this is our body’s natural way to remove toxins from the body. Through infrared, the body’s core temperature rises that aid in the detoxification process.

Weight Loss: Through the slow rise of temperature, your body attempts to cool down, which increases the heart and metabolic rate which aids in burning calories.

Anti-aging: Infrared saunas can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Sweating improves blood circulation as well as skin elasticity, tone, texture and firmness - it also helps unblock pores and reduce blemishes.

Skin Health: A regular sweat session detoxifies the skin and body of dirt, build-up, pollutants, and chemicals.

Immunity: A sauna session increases the core temperature of your body. Certain bacteria and viruses can't survive under certain temperatures and this increased heating helps your body fight these off, boosting your immune system.

Pain Relief: Infrared saunas increase circulation, encouraging healing blood flow to trouble areas where you may be suffering aches and pains.

Stress: A sauna session promotes deep relaxation and the chance to rid the body of stress. An infrared sauna can not only help you unwind but also decreases the production of cortisol—the main hormone for stress in the body.

Infrared Sauna Sessions

3-in-1 infared therapy that purifies, energizes, and slenderizes the body.

1 Treatment: $45

5 Treatments $200

8 Treatments $300

12 Treatments $450

Expires after 3 months.

Monthly Unlimited Sauna Treatments: $250

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