Nail Artist
Design Specialist

About Eve

Eve is new to the salon world but has always had a passion for both beauty and art. Looking for a new hobby, she began doing her own nails at home and just fell in love with the creativity nail art brought to her self-care routine. From there, she decided to go to beauty school and hasn't looked back! In her life, she has dabbled in many different mediums such as sculpture, photography, painting, and graphic design. With this creative outlet, it has given Eve an eye for color and composition. She loves helping her clients grow out their natural nails and is a strong believer they are never ever too short for nail art!

Nail art style: Modern, trendy, fun, and vibrant!

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Keep your cuticles moisturized with a hydrating oil.

Secret hobby: Video games and cooking.

Favorite food: Sushi.

Desert island record or music choice? Soccer Mommy and Pop-punk.

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