Gua Sha Certified
Skin Therapist
Makeup Artist

About Sam

With ten years in the beauty industry and a true love and passion for all things beauty, Sam has curated her own style of makeup artistry that leaves her clients fresh faced and sun kissed while enhancing their already beautiful features. Starting her career in makeup has lent to her vast knowledge and love for the face, facial movement, and structurally how the skin functions. She has elevated her ethesitcs focus by honing in and specializing in holistic methods of aging gracefully. She tries to understand client’s skin as the body’s communicator and looks at the whole picture and not just isolated concerns. Certified in Gua sha facial fusion, Sam takes her clients’ skin to another level and also equips them with the knowledge to take care and maintain healthy and happy skin on a daily basis. .

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: A concise consistent skincare routine is more beneficial than an elaborate irregular one!

Secret hobby: Tending to my veggie garden.

Favorite food: Any dish that involves garlic, crushed red pepper, and parmesan.

Desert island record or music choice? Harry Styles, anything that gets me up to dance.

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Makeup: @stensartistry