Experience & Education Manager
Stylist, Colorist

About Kelsey

Kelsey divides her time between being Tribe and Husk's Experience & Education Manager and being a booming stylist. With years of experience and disciplined training in color, styling, and cutting, Kelsey has established herself as a versatile hairstylist with a strong attention to detail. She has managed Tribe for almost 10 years and has had extensive training and education with Kevin Murphy, as well as some of the most reputable stylists in the industry. Since an early age, her interests in multiple artistic mediums led her to her passion in hair and makeup. Kelsey specializes in customizing a look that enhances each individual. She pays special attention to her client's skin tone, bone structure, and eye color while considering both their lifestyle and personal style. Kelsey always keeps the clients' goals in mind and prides herself on taking the time to create the hair they love. She is known for her fearless ability to create versatile looks from sophisticated, to beachy, to edgy - leaving clients feeling confident, renewed, and excited.

Kelsey is also part of our Bride Tribe as one of our wedding stylists.

Fun Facts

Pro Tip: Blow drying your hair upside down helps create volume. Also, a little dry shampoo in your roots before bed helps your hair stay fresh longer!

Secret hobby: Painting and drawing.

Favorite food: Mashed potatoes or fries!

Desert island record or music choice? Manchester Orchestra.

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Some of Kelsey's looks: